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 For around 15 years we have been offering continuing education at     the BAT Training Centre ("Bereich Ausbildung und Therapie" of "training and therapy section"). The main focus here is upon courses and seminars for the treatment of patients with neurological illnesses. These of course include the Bobath Basic and Advanced Courses for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and specialist nursing personnel. In addition to the established courses and seminars, the range of courses includes new, specific,   theme-centered seminars, in which the latest scientific findings are taught.

The training centre is eduQua-certified. Quality means fulfilling the expectations of the customers; with an interesting range of topics, good communication, the way in which the services are rendered and excellent instructors.



Rheinburg-Klinik AG, CH-9428 Walzenhausen, Telefon +41 071 886 11 11, info@rheinburg.ch