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The Rheinburg looks back on a varied history. In 1872, on the initiative of village priest Johannes Kopp, work was started on the site of the former cemetery on the construction of an educational institute, which went into operation as a school in the year 1874.  Due to excessive building costs, damage caused to the church, and freezing pupils, Kopp tried desperately to rid himself of this now heavy burden. So in 1878 he agreed with Franz Stadler to exchange the Rheinburg in Walzenhausen for the latter's Herdern Castle.

The Stalder brothers began to develop a solid hotel tradition. The Rheinburg was one of the finest hotels and counted aristocratic guests such as relatives of the royal house Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, royalty from Württemberg and even the King of Rumania among its guests. The outbreak of the First and Second World Wars meant a temporary end to tourism and thus to the hotel with the beautiful view far over Lake Constance. After the end of the war the hotel industry thrived for a short while, but southern holiday destinations were discovered as a result of prosperity and mobility, and standards of comfort also rose. The Rheinburg passed in 1965 from Ferdinand Stadler into the ownership of the Verein Schweizerischer Familienherbergen (Association of Swiss Family Hostels).

In 1985, the Appenzell-Ausserrhoden Cantonal Bank acquired the former palatial hotel, renovated the old construction and turned the building into a clinic. In the middle of August 1993, the clinic for "pain medicine" was opened, but occupancy remained massively below expectations. For this reason, the supervisory board and the Appenzell-Ausserrhoden Cantonal Bank decided to cease the operation of the pain clinic.

With the commitment of the married couple Dr. med. Martin Rutz and Louise Rutz-LaPitz, a completely new medical concept was established in 1995: a clinic for acute inpatient rehabilitation for illnesses of the musculoskeletal system and neurological illnesses.

Rheinburg-Klinik AG, CH-9428 Walzenhausen, Telefon +41 071 886 11 11, info@rheinburg.ch