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Development of Gait

Presented at the Swiss Physiotherapie Association Congress, Bern, Switzerland June 2014

Physiotherapie Congress in Stuttgart, Germany January 2013

Development of Gait Following Ischemic Cerebral Infarct with Severe Neurological Damage

Family Education

Presented at the Health Symposium 2013 in St. Gallen

Education of the families of Early Rehabilitation Patients in a modern Society

Sleeping Disorders

Presented at the Health Symposium 2012.

Awarded  3rd  prize

Complementary Nursing Methods for Sleeping Disorders


Presented at the Annual Conference of the Swiss Neurological Society, November 2011

Functional outcome of severe dysphagia in neurorehabilitation - A series


Presented at the Congress of the Swiss Association of Rehabilitation 2010.

Winner of the first prize.

Effectiveness of Armeo® versus Task-oriented Arm Group as Augmentation to Upper Extremity Conventional Therapy in Acute Rehabilitation Post Stroke

Error Culture

Presented at the Health Symposium 2010.

Patient Safety Through Positive Error Culture in Nursing


Presented at the Health Symposium 2009

Flax Seed – A Nursing Therapeutic Approach in Rehabilitation Nursing

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