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On this page you will find direct links to pages containing important information for relatives: 

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Food & Drink

One may have something to eat and drink in the Salon Aurora. In good weather, the garden restaurant is also open.

Relatives are very welcome in our dining room. It is requested that you make a reservation at least a half day in advance. This can be done via the waitress or at the reception desk . Tel.: +41 (0)71 886 11 11


Friendly, bright rooms are available for relatives, in the nearby BAT Training Centre (approx. 200 metres from the clinic). All rooms have a television, telephone and internet access.

Tel. No. +41 (0)71 886 13 90 Fax Nr. +41 (0)71 886 50 75

E-Mail: bat@rheinburg.ch


Single room with shower/WC CHF 60.00 per person (without meals)
Double room with shower/WC CHF 50.00 per person (without meals) 

Hotel Accomodations for Relatives

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

During these times, patients may receive visitors in their room or in the public rooms of the clinic. We ask visitors to allow patients to adhere to their therapy plan, to leave the room during doctors' rounds and to show consideration for the neighbour in shared rooms.

You can ask for information about the therapy times at the reception +41 (0)71 886 11 11.

Parking spaces in the clinic's underground garage are available to visitors free of charge. If all spaces are occupied, we ask that you use public parking at the MPF – Multi-Purpose Facility (see Site Map).

Rheinburg-Klinik AG, CH-9428 Walzenhausen, Telefon +41 071 886 11 11, info@rheinburg.ch