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Social Counselling

A severe neurological illness or an accident not only confronts the patient with a completely new situation; the relatives and social environment are also affected. With the support of social services, who require comprehensive information, these social and material difficulties can be overcome.

Social counselling here plays an important role in the healing process, the course of which is substantially dependent upon overcoming of social problems. Our social workers point out possible ways in which illness, disability and a need for nursing care can be coped with each day.

We offer:

  • Clarification of the social situation
  • Preparation for discharge from the clinic
  • Advice and organisation relating to post-rehabilitation support (home care services, retirement home, etc.)
  • Organisation of domestic help services (home help, meal service, etc.)
  • Organisation of assistive devices
  • Advice on social insurance (retirement and survivor's insurance, disability insurance, etc.)
  • Advice in the field of work/illness (procuring occupational advice and protected workshops and retraining options)
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