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One to One Support

The patients experience targeted individual support from the nursing staff in order to promote, maintain or restore their independence and health; the available resources are actively integrated into the care. The nursing to be carried out is planned based upon the history and the findings regarding the self-care deficit, and is evaluated on an ongoing basis. The patients are actively incorporated into the nursing process.

Therapeutic Activating Nursing

The patients are cared for and supported by the nursing personnel in the One-to-one system, in accordance with their individual requirements, especially in connection with self-help, positioning, transfers and support in everyday activities. The field-specific care is shaped by different rehabilitation concepts. The nursing staff is guided by the Bobath concept, basal stimulation, the Affolter concept as well as facial oral tract therapy according to Kay Coombes.

Quality and Expertise

In order to ensure a high level of nursing quality and expertise, the continual field-specific, internal and external continuing education of the nursing personnel is made a high priority.

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